Being your “SOULF”

“ SOULF “, is a term I created while pondering what we’re made of from a more comprehensive understanding. We are a soul, primarily, but also a physical self. They affect each other, yet the soul is the most accurate and wisest piece that carries our truest identity,  its needs, abilities and nuances, astutely, for it hordes milleniums of experience and memories of our unique existence, from all of the places inner and outer that we’ve resided.

Most don’t know how to allow their soul to “BE”.  Once human, most become a purely environmentally shaped  brain, the physical self usually overpowers the experience. Except as babies. At that stage of integration into humanity, we know we’re meritorious of receiving all we want and need.

In that ♥ state of being, not merely thinking, we knew! we are unlimited, therefore commanded feeling fAn-tastic(definitely fans of ourselves). In this realm, as a newborn, we required experiencing love, food, climate control, connection, certain tactile sensations and freedom of expression and behavior. . . we commanded our BASIC birth rights. Sadly, most adults don’t have these basic needs satisfied, nor are they aware they should be.

We are born with this perfectly thriving, “living” mechanism !

The innocent ignorance of this young world, of our designated caregivers appointed by the meeting we had before incarnation, doesn’t usually excel at continuing to facilitate this superpower, it’s not necessarily supposed to. Unfortunately, we are turned, slowly, subtly, usually unintentionally and by a good ole annoying “well meaning” hand, into a COPING, surviving product of earth’s general culture.

Take a gander a my collection of rental books brought to us by those who over-stand the relationship between our spirit’s past lives and current conditions mentally, physically and spiritually. Empower yourself by knowing why we have no choice but to care to lovingly tend to this eternal relationship with ourselves. That’s it’s a blessing we aren’t ever fully allowed to forget there’s a voice within, even if via hardships and illness. We can start now, or be forced to later… We are far too loved to be left unattended…

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