Perception occurs at a few levels simultaneously. Depending on the receptor(s) one is more practiced in, we’ll tend to be convinced of that one’s interpretation of an experience. Not only can we be limited by our degree of awareness, but each of our built in sensors have their limits, their unique design, as well.
If we’d like a fuller understanding of a situation, we are able to nurture and sensitize all of the mechanisms we use for discernment. Once aware of and after having refined the practice of each sensor, perhaps we’re granted the amazing advantage of using each one at will !


Feeling a spectrum of emotions and sensations only promises the potential for emotional maturity and mental evolution. Terrorizing emotions can sometimes solely destroy a person and their life. How negative emotions are naturally processed, proactively dealt with and learned from are what determine whether we are weakened or upgraded.

Pairing learning how our unique system, soul and brain organically respond to specific stimuli, with the ability to manipulate how we experience things is a priceless advantage, especially for unbearable situations. If more versed at your fire drill, when unable to think clearly, safety can still be reached.  As babies discover all of their limbs and senses for a richer and safe earth experience, adults too are able to develop a deeper relationship with themselves to more easily and satisfyingly navigate life.

Unfolding ourselves in this proccess of inclusion, of wakening dormant extensions of ourselves can also serve as a very loving act. It’s as if we would cease neglecting the components given to us out of love from the desire to equip us with the necessary to choose what to experience and it’s scope or intensity.

Build your magic wand !


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