Forced into Freedom

It is liberating and soothing to trust we have unyielding unconditional support. As someone who deals with anxiety attacks, always having access to a sort of sanctuary means even more, it’s crucial, it’s literally the ability to breath, it’s a lifeline. The experience of an attack  begs for special attention that just won’t settle for less. Naturally, as every living thing or condition, it can only survive or heal with exactly what it needs.
As for panic attacks, there are common suggestions and treatments for aiding in breathing and slowing the heart rate that may help, but until we access the things it’s screaming for, it continues pushing. We either learn to listen by sensitizing to its message, or fight against its current as it destroys our lives.
Finding and continuing to be in a new inner relationship with our guidance is the permanent sanctuary it’s pushing us to realize is omnipresent.

It is trying to get us to transition into a new life, the one closer to and aiming towards the life that’s uniquely optimal to ourselves.

Ultimately, it allows us to reach feeling absolutely fabulous and infuse earth with the purpose we came for. The insurmountable, spontaneously erupting volcano,  turns out to be a door once it’s shaken the last bits of our old selves hard enough, that our view is no longer muddied.

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