Be There For Someone

Mental, Emotional & Soul EMERGENCIES occur just as unexpectedly and are as dangerous as physical ones!

Some of you may even overstand that they are the root, core & cause of physical ailments in the first place.

Our goal is to make emotional necessity accessible. We’d like to join forces with anyone who can help to create SOULar Charge “STATIONS” anywhere and everywhere possible.  As there are starbucks, mcdonalds and bathrooms at nearly every corner, so should there be internal support!  MORE SO. We’re all going through pain, why do we ignore this so naturally when in public?  We seem to have been trained out of our natural healthy awareness and inclination to feel empathy and compassion for each other. For what?  To get work done?  Errands ?  Keeping up appearances as we neglect and destroy our internal needs?  We should keep in mind the inner world we’re all connected by.  As we venture out into society we tend to act as islands unable to reach each other causing further suffering because it’s unnatural. If you understand, feel passionate about and are willing to help, please, lets begin chatting. Contact us ♥

Therapist?  Counselor?  Spiritual Counselor?  Lawyer? Please email us if you can help. Professional credentials don’t necessarily mean help, so, if you know you have the ability to be present and comforting, possess strong empathy and compassion, please feel reach out and help build this new service with us!

Who would be willing to volunteer time to being an emotional sanctuary and support for people in public places?


Volunteer to relieve loniness for an elderly person. 

Not interacting or having conversations with anyone affects the body like having 15 cigarettes a day, among causing other health risks and damage.