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” Bio by Cynthia:

I’m not a fan of traditional bios because they’re filled with labels that tell you nothing about who a person really is inside. For example, I’m an author, a mother, and a businesswoman with a law degree. Does this help you to know who I am? Not really. I’ll try to give you a more accurate picture.

I believe that life is for living, success can only be defined by the one pursuing it, and we’re entitled to give our all to creating the life we want. I am apolitical. I don’t discriminate among parties, groups, or religions. I support ideas that bring real improvement to people’s lives. If a healing or helpful idea comes from liberals, Buddhists, conservatives, Jews or gypsies, I’ll embrace it. I love people who tell their truth, even when I disagree, and those who accept that mistakes and failures are milestones on the path to greatness. I wither around gossip and doomsayers.

Tell me what you yearn for, and you’ll captivate me. I’ve soared to tremendous heights and suffered soul-ripping tragedy. I choose hope, love, perseverance and wonder. I’ve learned that we are far more alike than different and we all want the same primary thing: to be secure, peace-filled, and content. My mission is to help women create loving, laughter-filled, abundant lives (men benefit from happy women).

~ Cynthia “

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” You can have it all: calm confidence, sublime romance, fulfilling work, absolute inner and outer beauty, empowered children, and a cure for the pervasive ache for something more. In Resurrecting Venus you will learn how to dissolve the barriers separating you from the life you were created to live and connect to your unique life purpose, forever free of outside expectations. Author and inspirational teacher Cynthia Occelli will walk beside you as you travel the path to the life you’ve always wanted and are reunited with your feminine essence.

Written in her characteristic soothing yet direct style, Cynthia dispels the myths surrounding feminine power and explains where the feminist movement went awry, resulting in women carrying unnecessary and untenable burdens. Using real life examples and her own stories of triumph and loss, Cynthia will show you how to find and resurrect your inner Venus. “

Resurrecting Venus : A Woman’s Guide to Love, Work, Motherhood & Soothing the Sacred Ache

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