ASK    US   ANYTHING  !   We   are   empathy   and   compassion.


│  Ideal  for  TRAVELERS !  Order from destination – Return before leaving !  No extra baggage to pack either way ! or go home with less baggage ! Leave with a trusted friend to return to post office ! ( return  shipping  label  included )

│  The  3   R’s ◄ FREE from  Regret,   Reselling   &   Room clutter !

│  Many  CURRENT  books for LESS than purchase price  !

│  Complimentary  SURPRISE  handmade,  crotchet  bookmark  with  1st  rental !


 98 %  of  our  books  are  NEW  with  a  few  gently  used.  



TIME : Rental items are to be shipped back 3 weeks(21 days) from the date received. The exact date items must be placed in the post office’s hands, will be provided upon renting. PLEASE DO NOT DROP IN PUBLIC MAILBOXES. Return shipping label included !

  • EXTENDED TIME with permission (a simple email will have this happily arranged for you) :                                                                                                             Each additional day – $0.18               

     Each additional week – $0.65

  • LATE FEE :     Each additional day – $0.25

(Extended time is allowed to be requested no later than DAY 20.)

SECURITY : If the books are not returned or are noticeably damaged, we will decide whether to charge an additional $5 to cover costs.  This system is set in place to attempt ensuring items are returned and treated with care. We understand normal wear.


  • ITEMS WE CARRY : If desired items on our site are presently rented out, PLEASE email us to be placed NEXT in line once they are returned.  We’ll reserve it and contact you IMMEDIATELY once ready for you.
  • ITEMS YOU WISH WE CARRIED : We’re always. . . . seeking to embrace new items relevant and useful towards our mission, send us your   PICKS    or   PICS   via posts on social media or email !

MEMBERSHIP : Once you’ve successfully rented from us 2 times, you’re granted :

  • Permission to a $13/month, 5 or 10 month membership (request more time!)
  • Your choice of ANY 1 or 2 items per month !!

(Membership signifies permission that monthly charges be automatically deducted until your term ends.)

(Cancellation for remainder of membership allowed to be requested no later than last day of 3rd month.)



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