Empower yourself, be fully informed of what you’re made of 

We are Psychology, Physiology, Heart and Soul. Soular Charge Station, was created from the saddening realization on the effects of such invaluable information on this topic not being as publicly or easily accessible as are other harmful, distracting or useless kinds.  The books,  resources  and  items offered here are dedicated to every single being in hopes of helping to navigate, heal and create. . . almost anything.

Don’t be a bystander to the suffering in front of you

If we were to check in with everyone’s emotional state, we’d see how urgently we need to learn how to properly work with and love ourselves and each other. Emotions are colossally more impactful to every single aspect of ours and other’s lives than what’s typically formally taught, modeled or understood.

Lovingly affect the future of our world because LOVE really  does  heal  all

By healing and developing an intimate relationship with ourselves, we’ll reap from that profound satisfaction as well as gift new earthlings by actually and effectively nurturing, enriching,  protecting, fortifying and an endless line of the best feeling adjectives, their beings!


Loving is astutely learning what another needs and how to apply it 

Emotions are life’s most elephantine, herculean and challenging messengers, teachers and friends. We must respect our’s and other’s by listening as deeply as possible, if we care to effectively help. Everyone suffers to different degrees as we’re all starting from different places. So, never utter the ignorance that is, ” We’re all adults here”, “Hey, we’ve all got problems”, “I made it through that and worse, they’ll be fine”, etc.  assumptions that shamefully reveal your ignorance, apathy and resentment towards your own life. That   attitude   is   also   lethally   risky. YOU MAY HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO UNDERSTANDING OF ANOTHER’S EXPERIENCE. Suicide, addiction etc. are caused by the lack of the understanding on how to love another.

We don’t know  . . . what we don’t know

Many have joined forces to dismantle our make-up delineating thorough

explanations on the inseperable  intergration of Spirit, Mind and Body  in all of the books we offer.

ALL feelings have significance and physical power !

Allow these books and resources to honor each sense,

bewilderment or inner qualm no matter its seeming size.

Please accept this invitation to join us in healing

and understanding, more. . . . or as some would

put it, in remembering.  .  . awakening, so that

we can better treat everyone and ourselves.

Create a sacred space in yourself and regularly in your physical life to revere ALL of the feelings you want to understand or heal.  Emotions are life’s most elephantine, herculean and difficult messengers, teachers and friends. Please take comfort, support and fortification in this website. YOU  DESERVE  IT  times each breathe you’ve taken, and steps that remain to be  !

PLUG IN to SOULar Charge Station to free, shed and bloom into your unique self. . . soul. . .SOULF !